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Some more new ones

Posted on May 23, 2011 in Ham Radio by KG2V
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Had some fun on the radio this weekend. There are advantages to having aluminum up in the air I worked East Kiribati and India for all time new ones. I also got South Cook Islands on 20m and FJ/O1ST on 15m for band fills (That brings my band totals to 3 on FJ/O1ST – 10, […]

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New Antennas

Posted on May 16, 2011 in Ham Radio by KG2V
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Well, the Alpha Delta DX-EE is gone. Oh, it wasn’t a BAD antenna, (in fact I liked it), but I got the chance to put up a beam and a rotary dipole I now have a Force12 C3SS and a D140. No, the neighbors are NOT happy In the last 5 days, I’ve worked SIX […]

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Wire Management – again

Posted on November 24, 2009 in Computers,Ham Radio by KG2V

How come, in this day and age of way too many wires, we don’t see desks, either for the home, or for the office, with good cable/wire management features? Wire troughs, outlets trips build in, etc? Yes, I know wireless stuff is becomeing more common now, but that just means you’ll have a USB or […]

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Nice weekend

Posted on October 19, 2009 in Contesting,Ham Radio,life by KG2V

I did 2 things this weekend I haven’t done in over a year 1)Played in a ham radio contest – actually, the first NY State QSO party that has been held in 17 years, 2)Had a wee dram of scotch – as I’m no longer on pain killers, I was able to sit by the […]

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Shack Updates

Posted on August 3, 2009 in Computers,Ham Radio by KG2V

Well, I never have gotten the beam up. Two years later, it’s still sitting in the yard. I can’t find anyone to install it, because no one waht the liability of bolting it to the roof. I might just have to save up, and out up say a 40 ft crankup in the yard. One […]

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Didn’t do Field Day

Posted on June 29, 2009 in Ham Radio,life by KG2V
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Missed Field Day for the 3rd year in a row. Sheet rocking on Friday ran LATE – but we got started late, so I didn’t get the 1st coat of tape up. Ended up doing that on Saturday AM, then had to spend the rest of the early afternoon running to Home Depot, and the […]

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Field Day 2009

Posted on June 23, 2009 in Contesting,Ham Radio by KG2V

I was really really hoping to make it to Field Day this year, but last Friday I received an invite to a friend’s Daughter’s High School Graduation. This is one I will NOT miss. I hope to get to play some on Saturday, after putting a 2nd coat of taping compound on the spare bedroom […]

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Bencher BY-1 Paddle Mod

Posted on June 16, 2009 in CW,Ham Radio,Metalworking by KG2V
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I had some ham radio fun this weekend. For a while, I’ve been thinking of modifying my old Bencher BY-1 paddles to use a 1/8″ mini-jack instead of a cable. Makes things a bit easier to swap in and out. I’ll modify my Kent paddles next. Take a look

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Posted on October 1, 2008 in Ham Radio,Programming by KG2V
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Last week, the developer of APRS-SCS, John – KB2SCS announced that he was dropping all support for APRS-SCS, as it is written in VB6, which is no longer supported by “the boys from Redmond”, aka Microsoft. At that time, John put the source code up on his Web Site. I started to talk with John […]

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WAS and New Mexico

Posted on June 25, 2007 in Contesting,Ham Radio by KG2V
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Well, one of my big goals for FD didn’t happen AGAIN this year. The ONLY state I have NOT worked – EVER, is New Mexico. I often hear stations working New Mexico, but I’ve NEVER even heard a station out of New Mexico The only other state I don’t have confirmed is CT – Mostly […]

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