Posted on October 1, 2008 in Ham Radio,Programming by KG2V
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Last week, the developer of APRS-SCS, John – KB2SCS announced that he was dropping all support for APRS-SCS, as it is written in VB6, which is no longer supported by “the boys from Redmond”, aka Microsoft. At that time, John put the source code up on his Web Site.

I started to talk with John (he lives close by, and I really have to get together with him), and I think I’m going to take a crack at porting the program over to VB.NET.

This is NOT going to be a trivial port, and in fact, I’ve had a bear just getting the development environment up to the point I can compile the existing source (I’m there now – if you need hints, email me)

Anyway, John as agreed that I can “open source” the program.

I’m thinking that I’ll put this up on Sourceforge (gasp – a windows app on Sourceforge!), and anyone who wants to contribute can.

The first issues that MUST be taken care of

1)The application uses what are called “old controls”. These are .OCXs that Microsoft shipped with VB4 and 5, that were basically replaced by native controls in VB6, but were still available for download, but non supported. There is an “interesting” problem with the “Old controls” – they will not work in the VB6 development environment under Vista. (an aside, the VB6 IDE does not work in Vista64, but IS supported under Vista32)

2)The application uses a 3rd party OCX called “Socketwrench”. There was a free version of this control, but there no longer is. Under .NET, we don’t need it, the stream reader/writer classes can handle this for us

3)The VB6 and .NET graphics systems are totally different, and this will probably be the biggest part of the port

Anyway, I’d like to hear what you think, and many hands make light work. I’ll need testers, reviewers, and even a few developers to help.

Anyone game?

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  1. Vic says:

    I am willing to give you a hand on this project. I am a ong time programmer and have been retired for several years. In the PC world I havve experience in VB and Delphi. I use both in my personal application development. My Pascal knowledge goes back to the ’80s where I developed SW on PDP 11/0 machines. I have just begun to work into VB.NET. You can reach me at windswaytoo@gmail.com.


    Vic Fraenckel

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