Vista SP1 out..

Posted on April 16, 2008 in Computers by KG2V

I see that Vista SP1 is offically out. I guess all those folks who said “I’ll wait until SP1 to try it” can now go out and well, Try it.

Want MY Honest opinion of Vista? By now, you’ve probably seen my posts. I LIKE Vista, BUT you have to do things “The Vista Way”. If you try and do things the “XP Way” you will often end up in a “Boy is Vista Annoying” mode.

BTW It turns out Vista was designed to be annoying to try and force small software vendors to change their software to work with Vista. That backfired on Microsoft, and folks complain about Vista instead of the small programs. I think this is because > 50% of the small vendor programs become ‘naggy’, and people blame Vista instead of the program running under Vista – fair enough. I won’t go into the reason WHY Microsoft wants these changes (see previous posts), but…

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