Agile/XP programming and the OODA loop

Posted on April 10, 2008 in Programming by KG2V
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Today, over at Inc.Com, Joel Spolsky of Pragmatic Programmer had an article called Fire and Motion, where he talks about getting your competition responding to YOU. It’s a really good post that I think you should read.

When I was reading it, I was reminded of

John Boyd‘s OODA Loop, and all of a sudden, I realized WHY Agile/XP works. It’s NOT the Agile Manifesto. It’s NOT Pair Programming, or any of the OTHER tools. Agile/XP is a Tool to speed up your development teams OODA loop massively. One of the tenants of the OODA loop is that a GOOD decision, quickly implemented, beats a PERFECT solution delivered later.

Let’s think of what XP/Agile has you do – Short iterations. Observe at what the client needs, and quickly fill that need. Not necessarily with a perfect answer, but something. Then ask the client “OK, Now decide how it needs to change”, and then add that. Quick loops

Why I never thought of Agile/XP in terms of OODA before, I don’t know, but it was a light bulb going off

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