Alpha Delta DX-EE – and the Rotor

Posted on April 25, 2007 in Ham Radio by KG2V
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Yesterday, I ended up having to take the day of to take Dad to the MD (HE has cancer now too), so I did some work on the antennas

I took down my Mini-G5RV, and replaced it with a Alpha Delta DXEE. Based upon some testing, it seems like a LOT better antenna, so I’m pleased. That antenna is going to be my 40m primary antenna when I get the beam up.

Speaking of the beam, I repaired the rotor yesterday – the sender pot was bad, and I had ordered a replacement a few weeks back. I installed that, and now the rotor is working fine.

I intend to close up the rotor tonight, and then, once I make a run to the hardware store for some “stuff”, I’ll be ready for the antenna party! Don’t think it’ll be ready for BS7H, and even if it is, it’s a small beam. I think I’m going to have to run to a friends place (Hi W2IRT) to try and work them

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