Posted on December 21, 2006 in Ham Radio by KG2V
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Well, I’ve ordered the Glen Martin rooftop mount form my beam – a MP-33 which needs 2 parts (on order). The rotor (a Ham IV) is in the garage, and the mast and thrust bearing arrived today.

Next week, I’ll order the coax, and the rotor cable, and I should be good to go

I think I’m going to use 9096-2a for coax

If we get some nice weather (like we have been getting) in a few weeks, I should have the beam up, the Mini – G5RV down, and a 40m Delta Loop in it’s place, pluse the 17m/80m trapped dipole moved and up higher. Imagine that, a signal improvement on EVERY band I run (I can’t run 12m, 30m, 60m, or 160m)

The eventual goal is still to replace the MP-33 with a Step-IR, but…

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