IGaging EZ-cal Calipers

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So, today I happened to have to bring my gauge blocks to work – an old George Scherr “5 millions Accuracy” set (if that is true, today they would be called class 0) and I decided to check the calipers against the blocks. (Disclaimer, I can’t tell you the last time this set was calibrated, it was before I owned them

Interesting what I found

At first, I slid the calipers closed, and saw .000(0). Last digit is +- .0005

Grabbed the first block, the .1001 – and checked. .1015 Eh?
Checked the .170 block – .1715.
Checked the 1.00 block, 1.002
OK, at least it is consistent.

Closed the jaws again (still read 0), and then pushed the zero button, and rechecked
.1001 = .100 (good)
.170 = .170
1.000 = 1.000

Interesting – zero must not really have been zero!!!

BTW, I went and checked .1008 and .1009, and both came out to .101 – I like that.

Just a point to note: iGaging only claims an accuracy of 0.001” for this model.

Just some data points.

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