Machine Shop Trade Secrets

Posted on August 21, 2009 in Book Review,Metalworking,The Bookshelf by KG2V

A couple of years ago, the author of the book Machine Shop Trade Secrets sent me a copy for review, and I’ve had a quick review on mw web site for a long time, but I thought it was time to expand it a bit.

This book, written by James A Harvey, is a compendium of tips and tricks for use in the machine shop.

It’s somewhat in the same vein as Guy Lautard’s The Machinist’s Bedside Reader, but with a heavier slant towards the professional machinist, for example, there is an entire chapter on Mold Making, which is not normally a Home Shop activity.

The book has 18 chapters, with everything from the aformentioned Mold Making Tips, Tips for Novices, How to make your parts look good, how to work fast, and lots of others.

I DID notice one mistake in my copy of the book that I pointed out to the Author. In the Chapter “Tell Me something I didn’t know” he claims that “The ‘RS” in RS232 stands for Radio Shack”. Nope, it stands for ‘Recomended Standard’

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