Kitchenaid Lemon

Posted on September 13, 2007 in life by KG2V

My wife and I closed on our home back in August 2001, and the dishwasher that was there failed before Thanksgiving.

Buying a new dishwasher was a “no brain” decision. My parents had 2 kitchenaids at that point (they are still on the 2nd), and in my old house, I had a Kitchenaid the last 4-5 years I lived there. None of them ever gave us a problem – not a moment.

We went to the store, ordered the top of the line Kitchenaid, without a thought of buying a “lesser” unit

Well I’ll tell you, the thing has been a lemon since day 1. When the unit showed up, a lead had fallen off the starter cap on the motor. The door seals kept falling off the unit. About 2 years in, the clips holding the top rack in place started failing. Last year, the disposer inside the unit clogged, requiring the unit to be taken apart. Then about 6 months later (still in warrantie) the pump failed altogether – this is with pre rinsing every dish going into the unit. Well, on Thursday, the control panel started blinking – yep it needs to be replaced, a $300 dollar job. Now as the soap dispenser latch requires fiddling, the top basket still is falling apart, you can guess what we chose to do. Yep, buy a new dishwasher – and you can BET it’s not a Kitchenaid/Whirlpool/Kenmore (all the same dishwasher).

Open note to Kitchenaid – you had serious brand loyalty in my family. We never even thought of buying anything else. Now we will never think of buying one again…

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