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Today, on another blog, they were asking about what you remember most about 9/11

To me, it’s a long answer. I work in IT supporting the News Division of one of the “big 3” networks. I was at my desk, and is usual for ME, the TV in my office was off. A co-worker called down the hall “Hey Charlie, a plane just hit the World Trade Center”. Like most people, I figured it was some small plane. I reached over, and turned on the TV. One glance, and I KNEW this was not a small plane.

By the time the 2nd plane hit, the whole department was in the main conference room, with the bank of TV sets on various channels

Things I remember… Not necessarly in order, from the next 2-3 days

My son’s Nanny calling – her Future Father-in-Law worked in 2 WTC – and she had not heard from him (he got lucky – he was on the 48th floor getting a cup of coffee – if he had been at his desk, he would have been killed) – it was 2pm before he was able to get through to say he was OK.

Me being sent home fairly early, to come back in by 6:00am the next day for a 24 hour shift, and my wife (who worked in Port Washington and was also sent home early) asking me “what’s that smell?” and telling her “that’s the smell of the WTC burning” (we live about 12 miles away from ground zero)

An out of town firefighter on the 12th – walking past our office – in his gear, carrying a Scott pack, walking north away from ground zero – and EVERYONE offering to help him carry his gear – he refused, but…

Getting a black car home on either the 12th or 13th, and going past one of the Missions to the UN here in NYC, and there being a Humvee outside, with a M2 mounted – and yeah – it was locked and loaded.

Did I mention the smell? (yeah I did) – the smell went on a LONG time – it changed over time, and after the first month or so, you could no longer smell the burning flesh as much.

The silence of no airplanes (except for the fighters) overhead

I remember the 3 ex-coworkers I lost that day

I remember being really thankful that I had NOT taken that job in the WTC

I remember going home, and hugging my family.

AND I remember the people who did this to us – and I won’t forget – they are dammed lucky I was not in charge of the Nuclear football that day…

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  1. Unknown says:

    Greetings, sir.

    Tim Elliott here; I just ran across your emergency “go bag” page and thought I’d say thanks. My wife and I live in earthquake country, so I’m refreshing our go bags. (Thought I’d ask the question on your 9/11 post – the go bags should cover natural and manmade disasters…)

    I, too, have the Becker Patrol Bag. I’m wondering if you have any images (or plan to do an update on the page with new pictures) that shows your current gear and how it’s packed for best access.

    Thanks for your consideration and for sharing your tips,

    Tim Elliott
    Burbank, California

  2. KG2V says:

    wow – no, I don’t have any current photos of the pack – I should really take some. I can describe it however:

    One side pocket is first aid – all first aid.

    The other side is my stainless cup, with my water bottle inside, gloves and boonie hat jammed along side, and a small roll of duct tape over the water bottle

    The Main body small pouches: One is communications – my small HT, batteries, antennas, etc. The other has folding stove, food, fuel for stove etc

    The pouches on the hood have my backup leathernam, TP, rags, rope etc

    Main pouch has paperwork, clothes, (undies, socks, poncho etc) and 2 more HTs – safety vest etc

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